Casino’s origin

The first casino like gambling clubs existed in Italy and England in the 17th centuries. The first most popular games were the dice, known as hazard at that time, macao, faro. The first organized casinos were concept during the first half of the 19th century.Card games, like baccarat, hazard, craps were played since the firts casinos developed.

    • In 1776, when America became independent country the government used gambling as a way to cultivate large sums of money for its firts activities.
    • The first state where casino games were legalized was Nevada.But at 1 of October 1910 gambling was forbidden till 1931. Legalized gambling returned to Nevada during the Great Depression.

Gambling and entertainment built Las Vegas’s reputation as a playland getaway of the world.Nowadays land based casinos have extended their operations into the world of sports betting as well. Not only do they provide odds and tips, they also give out football picks, baseball and basketball live scores and a host of other treats linked to sports betting.

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